Women love cars

When it comes to driving cars, women maybe a common object of humor, but if you want to buy them a car you should be very careful.

Women don’t buy the car directly, but they have a voice in nearly all automotive purchase. Gene Cameron, the executive director form J.D. Power says that women represent the principal driver or are involved in about 60 percent of purchases. Women have a great influence on every stage of development, including the choices of options and features, advertising messages, media mix and the drawing board to the dealership from original product concept.

The Volvo’s success with women is due to the fact that this brand is synonymous with safety. Among the Top 10 models purchased by women is the Volvo S40. In fact, when it comes to choosing a car, men and women prioritize the same thing.

In an AutoPacific survey both men and women say “Overall Quality” and “Reliable/Dependable” are extremely important reasons when it comes to purchase the vehicle they bought. Unlike man, women were more likely to prioritize “Fuel Economy/Gas Mileage” and “Price/Monthly Payments”.

The Volkswagen Eos – one of the Top 10 models purchased by females has a starting price higher than $30.000. Also, when it comes to cars, women tend to give higher importance to these factors: feeling safe while driving, flexible/changeable seating, environmental friendliness, safety features and include service/maintenance package.

So, here’s a top 5 cars women really want:

  • Hyundai Tucson

women love cars

  • Nissan Rogue


  • Volkswagen Beetle


  • Volvo S40


  • Volkswagen Eos


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