Why do women wear makeup?

When women choose to wear makeup they have many reasons. Of course, one of the top reasons is about the possibility to enhance their natural beauty. For example, when a woman has pretty eyes she will use eyeliner in order ti make them stand out more. Also, she will apply mascara ti her eyelashes to make them appear fuller and longer. Beside this, there are women who wear makeup just because they think it’s fun to look a little different from time to time.

A beautiful young woman having her make up applied by a beautician in health spa.

Women wear makeup because it gives the confidence and because they know that the first thing a person usually notices is a woman’s face. A woman can feel ready for the world and confident if her face have been enhanced with skillfully applied makeup. Anyway, this does not mean that she won’t be confident without makeup. Makeup serves as a booster to her natural self-confidence.


Makeup corrects thing that women can correct on their own

In some situations, women will wear makeup to cover something up. For example, after she didn’t get enough sleep, a woman might have dark circles under her eyes. Probably these circles will disappear once she catches up on her sleep, but until then a well-applied makeup can hide the right away. This make up will also serve to camouflage the blemishes, pimples, visible pores, uneven coloring, to brighten the face and even to cover some scars.

An youthful appearance with some makeup


A woman will wear makeup if she wants to give her face a more youthful appearance. If she still can look good, she will feel that she is growing old gracefully. In this situation, makeup is used to hide blemishes, lines and age spots, but also to give her a more youthful glow. On the contrary, some teenagers will use makeup to make their faces look older and appear more mature than they really are.

Woman have been wearing makeup since ancient times. Japanese women began adorning their faces with powder made from rice and Egyptian woman wore eye paint. In all this time, experimenting and technology have made different types of makeup easier to apply. Today, some woman are opting even for permanent makeup tattoos.


So, if you wanna buy a gift to a woman choose makeup. She will definitely be excited.

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