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Exclusive destinations with Yuusk

We can all agree that there are many fantastic places to visit all around the globe. Of course, some destinations are more coveted than others, some are known underrated escapes while others are tourist traps.

For Yuusk – the most exclusive travel site – it is very important to guarantee expensive vacations around the world. Traveling allows you to escape the mundane of our everyday lives, learn more about the world we inhabit and discover new cultures. Being a member you could pick just about anywhere on the globe and find an exciting locale.

If your fortunate enough to have deep pocket, then you are likely to want to take a trip that shows off how much cash you have to burn. So, here are 5 of the most expensive destinations on the face of the earth:

  1. Seychelles

Just like Fiji, Seychelles is a country composed of not one, but several islands. This country is located in the Indian Ocean, better known of one of its islands named Fregate. Unsurprisingly, this island is a private resort dotted with 17 lavish villas. His is definitely a luxury destination.

  1. Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most expensive regions in Italy. Many of the hotels are not just hotels, but ancient villas that have been converted into lavish suites have become. This area is gorgeous and famed for its vineyards.

  1. Dubai

This Middle Eastern hotspot has become just like a veritable mecca of modern excess. Dubai is all about spending money and Yuusk knows this.

  1. Musha Cay

Musha Cay is just one of the 11 islands in Copperfield Bay, and just like the others, it’s an all-or-nothing sort of affair: you must rent the entire island for almost $40,000 a night. Activities include deep-sea fishing and diving and many others activities for some additional cash.

1. Oslo

It seems that Norway is the most expensive country form Europe and Oslo is ranked as the world’s most expensive city!

Yuusk is the experience you’ve been waiting for!


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How to give a girl the perfect date

Are you nervous about your first date and you don’t know what to do in order to be a perfect one? we can help you. Follow these simple steps and give a girl the perfect date.

  1. Always open doors for her. If you have a car, open that door as well. This is the way for showing her respect and it will make her feel very special.
  2. This date is about her. Try not to pick anything you really like. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but don’t be a cheapskate either.
  3. Find out what she is interested in. Try to know her better because this will keep the conversation going if you run out of things to say. If she likes dancing you can ask her “So how is your dancing going?”. You will find a way.
  4. Go as far as she wants to. If she wants to hold hands then this is all fine. Respect her and take it slow.
  5. Compliment her, tell her she is beautiful. Compliment her personality, but do not exaggerate because you will lose all sincerity.
  6. Be yourself. Go easy and reveal yourself more over the time – too soon too much may give her the impression that you’re too forward.


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Women’s shoes – how to buy?

Why would a man shop for women’s shoes? Because this is the best method to show her that you are really interested in making her happy and that you understand her obsession for shoes.

Shopping for women’s shoes can be really difficult sometimes. If you are a man shopping for women’s shoes this will be quite impossible.

You’ve never shopped for woman’s shoes never before? Do not worry. Use the following tips and you will find a perfect way to surprise the woman of your life.

Discover her “type”

 When it comes to shoes for women there are hundreds of colors, styles, materials, heel heights and so on. Before buying a certain type of shoes, found out which type she likes.

Is she the outdoor type? Is she professional or athletic? This should be a simple step if you pay enough attention.

Get her Shoe Size

Most of women wear different size due to style differences and manufacturer. No matter what, you should by a pair of shoes form a store that has a reasonable return policy.

The heel

When you have to pick a heel height, stick with heels or flats under 2 inches. If you’re sure that she definitely loves high heels, go for it! However, if you’re not sure about it, stick within the general range.

Pay attention

Discover the stores where she shops at. Heels might be lost on a girl who loves buying Converse chucks.

With all these steps it will be simple to buy a nice pair of shoes for the woman you love. Shopping for women’s shoes won’t be so difficult anymore.

women's shoes


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Women love cars

When it comes to driving cars, women maybe a common object of humor, but if you want to buy them a car you should be very careful.

Women don’t buy the car directly, but they have a voice in nearly all automotive purchase. Gene Cameron, the executive director form J.D. Power says that women represent the principal driver or are involved in about 60 percent of purchases. Women have a great influence on every stage of development, including the choices of options and features, advertising messages, media mix and the drawing board to the dealership from original product concept.

The Volvo’s success with women is due to the fact that this brand is synonymous with safety. Among the Top 10 models purchased by women is the Volvo S40. In fact, when it comes to choosing a car, men and women prioritize the same thing.

In an AutoPacific survey both men and women say “Overall Quality” and “Reliable/Dependable” are extremely important reasons when it comes to purchase the vehicle they bought. Unlike man, women were more likely to prioritize “Fuel Economy/Gas Mileage” and “Price/Monthly Payments”.

The Volkswagen Eos – one of the Top 10 models purchased by females has a starting price higher than $30.000. Also, when it comes to cars, women tend to give higher importance to these factors: feeling safe while driving, flexible/changeable seating, environmental friendliness, safety features and include service/maintenance package.

So, here’s a top 5 cars women really want:

  • Hyundai Tucson

women love cars

  • Nissan Rogue


  • Volkswagen Beetle


  • Volvo S40


  • Volkswagen Eos


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Traveling with Yuusk

Girls love traveling and boys love adventurous girls, right? Well, here’s a site that brings these two parties together. This website is called

Do you want to know more about this site? Here we go!

Yuusk is the most exclusive site for traveling & date. Here you will find lots of beautiful women and generous men looking to do some millionaire dating. If you are an open-minded beauty or a true gentleman and you love to travel here is the right place to be.

If you want to become a member on this site you must be 18 or older. After you will become a full right member, you are free to find a nice man or a beautiful lady and travel around the world.

Traveling with Yuusk

Yuusk – perfect chance for viziting the world

On Yuusk you can send a travel invitation or you can message a member directly. The registration process is a highly selective one so you don’t have to be worried about fake accounts or something like this. For men, membership is accessible in 2 different plans that are quite expensive. The “Standard Membership” is €89 and the “VIP Membership” it will cost you €299. Lots of money for someone who has no serious intentions, don’t you agree? This is the reason why you don’t have to be worried about members.

Of course, no one will assume responsibility for you decisions and that’s why you have to be careful with who you talk. Make sure the person you are supposed to meet and travel with is the same person you’ve been talking to.

Once you’ve found someone special do not hesitate contact her or him. Get to know him/her better and maybe you will travel together to your favorite destinations. You won’t be stuck with only one option. Your travel can be about anything: local dating, international dating, a beach vacation, a weekend gateway and even the vacation destination you might think of.

Communication is the key to find out if you both and open to vacationing to a beautiful location and to have the experience of your life.  On this site, as a girl, you will find men willing to pay for all travel expenses. You will see your dream coming true. As a boy, you can find fun and adventurous girls. So, here’s the chance to find what you are looking for.


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Buy her jewelry

The woman you love has a crush on jewelry? Do you want to buy her a beautiful piece of jewelry and you don’t know what to choose? Here are some useful tips. Follow them and you will won’t make a mistake ever again.

  1. Buy her what she loves, not what you love.

The most common mistake is to focus on what you like. This is not about you, this is about her. So, think of that piece of jewelry as an extension of her personality. You have to buy her something she will love to wear. On the body, jewelry should feel sensual and alive and not sharp, stiff or unyielding.

  1. Buy something with sentimental value

Choose a piece of jewelry that has a lot of meaning and history. Do not choose a piece of jewelry based on advertising messages and buy something with personal meaning. The best option is to hire a jeweler to fabricate a piece of jewelry with a personal detail.

  1. Listen, listen and listen.

Pay attention to your lovely woman because she will definitely drop some hints of what she does and does not like.

  1. Choose a big stone.

Don’t buy a piece of jewelry with a stone that is too small. Remember this: Bigger is always better! If you want your woman happy buy her a big, ole rock!

  1. Take a look in her jewelry box or just look at her

Notice what she wears most and what does she like – small stone, big stone, white gold, gold, color stone etc. take in consideration her body type: if she has a long neck and wide shoulders buy a long necklace, but if she has a small head choose something more delicate.




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Let’s buy dresses for women!

Do you wanna buy a dress for the woman you love but you don’t know what to choose? Here are some tips that you should follow.

  1. Think of the woman you are buying dress for. If the woman you love has attractive legs, buy a dress that shows them off. If she has toned arms or an attractive neckline select a dress that underlines these physical assets. If a woman has a large chest opt opt a v neck dress.
  2. Choose a dress that can hide a woman’s physical flaws. A perfect dress can hide the unattractive features. Long dresses will hid unattractive legs, baby doll dresses will hide large wastes and an A-line dress can disguise large hips.
  3. When selecting dresses for women create a balance. Use all features all features of a dress: material, shape, color, design, length in order to create a balanced look overall.
  4. Select the dress that is age appropriate. An older woman should wear a dress that is no shorter than knee length and a younger woman can afford to wear dresses that are tighter and shorter.
  5. Match a dress with her personality. A serious woman will appreciate a conservative style dress while a relaxed and casual character will love a dress that has fun elements and brightly colored.
  6. When you choose a dress, take in consideration the color of her hair and skin. Dark hair and skin are best dressed in lighter and more colorful dresses. Pale skin will look better in darker colors, browns and blacks.

Colorful-Floral-Print-Dress 1499610_238618


Long-dress-Style sheath-column-square-elastic-woven-satin-with-crystal-short-evening-gown_120915427

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Why do women wear makeup?

When women choose to wear makeup they have many reasons. Of course, one of the top reasons is about the possibility to enhance their natural beauty. For example, when a woman has pretty eyes she will use eyeliner in order ti make them stand out more. Also, she will apply mascara ti her eyelashes to make them appear fuller and longer. Beside this, there are women who wear makeup just because they think it’s fun to look a little different from time to time.

A beautiful young woman having her make up applied by a beautician in health spa.

Women wear makeup because it gives the confidence and because they know that the first thing a person usually notices is a woman’s face. A woman can feel ready for the world and confident if her face have been enhanced with skillfully applied makeup. Anyway, this does not mean that she won’t be confident without makeup. Makeup serves as a booster to her natural self-confidence.


Makeup corrects thing that women can correct on their own

In some situations, women will wear makeup to cover something up. For example, after she didn’t get enough sleep, a woman might have dark circles under her eyes. Probably these circles will disappear once she catches up on her sleep, but until then a well-applied makeup can hide the right away. This make up will also serve to camouflage the blemishes, pimples, visible pores, uneven coloring, to brighten the face and even to cover some scars.

An youthful appearance with some makeup


A woman will wear makeup if she wants to give her face a more youthful appearance. If she still can look good, she will feel that she is growing old gracefully. In this situation, makeup is used to hide blemishes, lines and age spots, but also to give her a more youthful glow. On the contrary, some teenagers will use makeup to make their faces look older and appear more mature than they really are.

Woman have been wearing makeup since ancient times. Japanese women began adorning their faces with powder made from rice and Egyptian woman wore eye paint. In all this time, experimenting and technology have made different types of makeup easier to apply. Today, some woman are opting even for permanent makeup tattoos.


So, if you wanna buy a gift to a woman choose makeup. She will definitely be excited.

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What she wants you to wear?

It is possible that clothes attract women to men? Of course it is possible and let’s find out why:

An important part of your image are the clothes you choose to wear. Beside this, it is very important if you how you carry yourself, if you choose to sport facial hair, carry a messenger bag and so on. The key to success is simple: you have to choose the style that makes you feel comfortable. If you still don’t have a clue, please follow this tips and tricks:


  • Dress only in clothes that will make you feel like yourself. Let’s be serious, nobody feels completely at home dressed in a tuxedo.
  • Don’t keep an image which is totally different form who you really are. You can dress in a certain way, but how long would you feel comfortable with this style if is not your favorite style?
  • Always make sure that your clothes matches, are clean and relatively wrinkle-free. Make sure that the style of your outfit matches from top to bottom. If you look well-kept and cohesive, you’ll be more likely to attract the woman you want.

Wearing a certain color is an easy way to influence others. So, here are some tips about what color you should wear when you go for a date:

  • If you want to appear sociable and friendly wear yellow. If you don’t like bright yellow, pale yellow will work just fine.
  • Intelligence and creativity is associated with purple.
  • If you want to let the impression that you are an approachable and friendly person try some earth tones.
  • Navy blue can give a trustworthy vibe and charcoal and black will make you appear more serious.

Besides all these, there are some things that women perceive as part of who you are. Add this to your clothing style and the result will be fantastic:

  • Sincerity
  • Body language
  • Sense of humor
  • The overall “vibe” she gets from you
  • How well fits the look you chose.


Finally, follow these steps and wear something that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. If you like hip-hop style but you’re wearing tailored clothes you’ll feel out of place and that vibe will come through.

Wear something that gives you energy and confidence and women will be naturally attracted to you.

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