What she wants you to wear?

It is possible that clothes attract women to men? Of course it is possible and let’s find out why:

An important part of your image are the clothes you choose to wear. Beside this, it is very important if you how you carry yourself, if you choose to sport facial hair, carry a messenger bag and so on. The key to success is simple: you have to choose the style that makes you feel comfortable. If you still don’t have a clue, please follow this tips and tricks:


  • Dress only in clothes that will make you feel like yourself. Let’s be serious, nobody feels completely at home dressed in a tuxedo.
  • Don’t keep an image which is totally different form who you really are. You can dress in a certain way, but how long would you feel comfortable with this style if is not your favorite style?
  • Always make sure that your clothes matches, are clean and relatively wrinkle-free. Make sure that the style of your outfit matches from top to bottom. If you look well-kept and cohesive, you’ll be more likely to attract the woman you want.

Wearing a certain color is an easy way to influence others. So, here are some tips about what color you should wear when you go for a date:

  • If you want to appear sociable and friendly wear yellow. If you don’t like bright yellow, pale yellow will work just fine.
  • Intelligence and creativity is associated with purple.
  • If you want to let the impression that you are an approachable and friendly person try some earth tones.
  • Navy blue can give a trustworthy vibe and charcoal and black will make you appear more serious.

Besides all these, there are some things that women perceive as part of who you are. Add this to your clothing style and the result will be fantastic:

  • Sincerity
  • Body language
  • Sense of humor
  • The overall “vibe” she gets from you
  • How well fits the look you chose.


Finally, follow these steps and wear something that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. If you like hip-hop style but you’re wearing tailored clothes you’ll feel out of place and that vibe will come through.

Wear something that gives you energy and confidence and women will be naturally attracted to you.

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Choose the perfect date!

There are many traditions when it comes to dating.

Every single time, the big question is about: “Where to take a woman on a first date?”. The most popular first date is about: “dinner at a restaurant”. Okay, this might be a good idea, but sometimes it’s not. Let’s talk about this and clarify some aspects.


Dinner dates have some disadvantages that you should take into consideration:

  1. No physical contact. Best ways to connect with her and be intimate is touching her. Being at dinner table will be impossible to touch her. You have one option: touch her hand from across the table. But, on a first date, this is potentially awkward. Don’t you think?
  2. It’s too formal. You’ll have to be careful with table manners. It will be difficult to really be comfortable and have fun.
  3. Both of you will site on opposite sides of the table. This aspect takes the date in a formal direction. If you want a much more relaxing date for both you and her you should sit next to her in a bar or walk with her in a park.

Now, if dinner date is off the list, what other options do we have?

First of all, take into consideration that you want to show her what your life is like, so take her somewhere you want to go. Be decisive and take charge, this is very important.


As an example, the least stressful and simplest date location is meeting with her for drinks at a bar. Or, if you don’t drink alcohol, meet for an ice-cream, a coffee or in the park to take a walk. Besides this, if you want something funny you should do something like bowling, roller blading or going for hike.



Always remember: a perfect date should be casual and fun experience where two people can get to know each other, relax and have fun.

Have a lovely date!

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