How to give a girl the perfect date

Are you nervous about your first date and you don’t know what to do in order to be a perfect one? we can help you. Follow these simple steps and give a girl the perfect date.

  1. Always open doors for her. If you have a car, open that door as well. This is the way for showing her respect and it will make her feel very special.
  2. This date is about her. Try not to pick anything you really like. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but don’t be a cheapskate either.
  3. Find out what she is interested in. Try to know her better because this will keep the conversation going if you run out of things to say. If she likes dancing you can ask her “So how is your dancing going?”. You will find a way.
  4. Go as far as she wants to. If she wants to hold hands then this is all fine. Respect her and take it slow.
  5. Compliment her, tell her she is beautiful. Compliment her personality, but do not exaggerate because you will lose all sincerity.
  6. Be yourself. Go easy and reveal yourself more over the time – too soon too much may give her the impression that you’re too forward.


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