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We can all agree that there are many fantastic places to visit all around the globe. Of course, some destinations are more coveted than others, some are known underrated escapes while others are tourist traps.

For Yuusk – the most exclusive travel site – it is very important to guarantee expensive vacations around the world. Traveling allows you to escape the mundane of our everyday lives, learn more about the world we inhabit and discover new cultures. Being a Yuusk.com member you could pick just about anywhere on the globe and find an exciting locale.

If your fortunate enough to have deep pocket, then you are likely to want to take a trip that shows off how much cash you have to burn. So, here are 5 of the most expensive destinations on the face of the earth:

  1. Seychelles

Just like Fiji, Seychelles is a country composed of not one, but several islands. This country is located in the Indian Ocean, better known of one of its islands named Fregate. Unsurprisingly, this island is a private resort dotted with 17 lavish villas. His is definitely a luxury destination.

  1. Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most expensive regions in Italy. Many of the hotels are not just hotels, but ancient villas that have been converted into lavish suites have become. This area is gorgeous and famed for its vineyards.

  1. Dubai

This Middle Eastern hotspot has become just like a veritable mecca of modern excess. Dubai is all about spending money and Yuusk knows this.

  1. Musha Cay

Musha Cay is just one of the 11 islands in Copperfield Bay, and just like the others, it’s an all-or-nothing sort of affair: you must rent the entire island for almost $40,000 a night. Activities include deep-sea fishing and diving and many others activities for some additional cash.

1. Oslo

It seems that Norway is the most expensive country form Europe and Oslo is ranked as the world’s most expensive city!

Yuusk is the experience you’ve been waiting for!


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