Buy her jewelry

The woman you love has a crush on jewelry? Do you want to buy her a beautiful piece of jewelry and you don’t know what to choose? Here are some useful tips. Follow them and you will won’t make a mistake ever again.

  1. Buy her what she loves, not what you love.

The most common mistake is to focus on what you like. This is not about you, this is about her. So, think of that piece of jewelry as an extension of her personality. You have to buy her something she will love to wear. On the body, jewelry should feel sensual and alive and not sharp, stiff or unyielding.

  1. Buy something with sentimental value

Choose a piece of jewelry that has a lot of meaning and history. Do not choose a piece of jewelry based on advertising messages and buy something with personal meaning. The best option is to hire a jeweler to fabricate a piece of jewelry with a personal detail.

  1. Listen, listen and listen.

Pay attention to your lovely woman because she will definitely drop some hints of what she does and does not like.

  1. Choose a big stone.

Don’t buy a piece of jewelry with a stone that is too small. Remember this: Bigger is always better! If you want your woman happy buy her a big, ole rock!

  1. Take a look in her jewelry box or just look at her

Notice what she wears most and what does she like – small stone, big stone, white gold, gold, color stone etc. take in consideration her body type: if she has a long neck and wide shoulders buy a long necklace, but if she has a small head choose something more delicate.




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